Hesperus Camp
Monday, September 26, 2022
In light of the investigation by the Houston Chronicle exposing abuses within the Southern Baptist Church, Hesperus Camp would like to provide response and make a request. Hesperus Camp is here for the ministry of children and it is the camps duty to protect children from predators; and if this has not happened then Hesperus Camp has grievously faltered in its mission. If there is anyone who has knowledge of ANY abuses that may have happened on Hesperus Camp property, PLEASE REPORT THEM TO THE GOVERNING STATE AUTHORITIES! Reports of abuses can be made to the Colorado State Patrol based out of Mancos. We also encourage parents to ask their children about any abuses that may yet be unknown. Be kind and understanding of anyone who shares information with you; especially if they are the victim. Take caution around any adults who oppose the investigations of abuse.
Hesperus Camp,
February 12, 2019