Hesperus Camp
Thursday, June 20, 2024


While hosting guests is a comprehensive service ministry, a fundamental component to effectively meeting guests needs is found in quality facilities. We strive to be progressive in meeting the felt needs of our guests.  A such all of our bunk housing, meeting space, and dining space has been remodeled since 2012.  If you have not visited us in the last few months you have not experienced all of the advancements that will take your camp or retreat experience to a whole different level.  We have elevated the quality of facilities and service with one goal in mind--to better partner with you in leveraging your cause in your local community.
We have two distinct seasons as it relates to hosting groups: 1) the SUMMER season, and 2) the RETREAT season.  Certain components of our facility are configured specifically according to the season, and are so noted in their description.
Click on a link below to gain a better understanding of how our facilities can serve your needs.
     Meeting Venues (9 indoor & outdoor)
     Bunk-style Lodging (6 cabins)
     Private Lodging (17 rooms)
     Public Venues (dining & concessions)
     Activities/Recreation (Challenge Course; on-site & off-site) 
     Campus Map (PDF)