Hesperus Camp
Thursday, February 25, 2021

Camps & Events

Hesperus offers year-round camps that provide memorable, high-energy, life-changing programs for adults, youth, and children.

Why camping?

Getting away from the daily grind helps eliminate the mental distraction of habit and routine. It allows us to take stock of our situation, see things from a new perspective and re-engage life with the right attitude.

That's why camping is so effective! It's all about getting away from the distractions of the familiar, experiencing the simple joys of nature and spending quality time with great friends.

Christian camping takes advantage of all these benefits in order to encourage individuals to focus on the most important relationship in their life—the one with their Creator.

Why camping? Because it’s one of the most effective ministry tools for reaching people with the Gospel Message.

Why Hesperus?

Our dedicated staff facilitates an unforgettable camping experience, whether through one of our programs or by hosting yours.

As a para-church organization it's our role to serve the local church and facilitate their ministry. We're passionate about running camp so that leaders have the ability to focus on the spiritual needs of their students. After all, you know students, and we know camping!

What's the bottom line?

Our purpose is to leverage the ministry of the local church.  We focus on the details so you can focus on building relationships.