Hesperus Camp
Sunday, January 20, 2019

Calendar of Events

Hesperus serves groups in two ways: 1) through events that we program and you attend, and 2) through events that you design yourself and we host for you.  Below is a list of the events that we program.  If you desire to design your own event, whether a summer camp or a retreat, click here go to our "Design Your Own Event" page for more information.




  Event Description Action
February 9-11 WHITEOUT Winter Youth Retreat [information]     [register]
May 4-5 REFRESH Women's Retreat Spring Women's Retreat [information]     [register]
June 4-8 COMPASS Kids Camp 3-6 Grade Kids Camp [information]     [register]
  18-22 FUGE Camp Summer Youth Camp [information]     [register]
November  2-4  DNow Youth Discipleship Retreat [information]     [register]